Faugeres Tradition

Faugeres Tradition

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Domaine Leon Barral AOC Faugeres Tradition 2017

Headline: Rugged, deep, powerful

Region: Languedoc

Grapes: Carignan, Grenache, Cinsault

Vineyard: Biodynamic

Cellar: Native yeast fermentation, unfined, unfiltered, no added sulphur

Notes: From one of the great estates of the Languedoc. This wine manages to be powerful and rich with red and black fruits, leather and spice, but also elegant and light on its feet. It seems to reflect the wild landscape from which it has emerged. Didier Barral gardens and raises cows and pigs on his property an hour west of Montpellier. The animals fertilize the soils, trim competing vegetation, and eventually feed Didier and his family. Most importantly, he farms biodynamically, with a zealous devotion to biodiversity, creating an ideal habitat for his vines and all the life around them.