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Region: Medana, Brda, Slovenia

Grapes: Malvazija

Vineyard/Cellar: Biodynamic. Unfined, unfiltered, no added sulphur.

The terraced hills of the Brda-Collio lead down from the Julian Alps to the Gorizia plains and the Adriatic, forming a sort of amphitheatre facing the gulf of Trieste. The combination of soil and climate make Medana a particularly special place to grow grapes. Aleks and Simona Klinec farm 6 hectares of vines from which they produce truly astonishing wines. This part of the Italian/Slovenian border has become associated with the resurgence of skin macerated white wines, what we now call orange wine. Though Aleks uses this technique the wines are not dominated by it; their mineral core means that despite the extended skin maceration the wines all feel fresh and vibrant even with ageing. The length of maceration depends on the grape with Rebula seeing the longest time on the skins, around 10 days, whilst the more delicately aromatic Malvazija deserves a more gentle approach and see only 4 days on the skins.