12 June 2022 Honour Thy Dairy

Good afternoon everyone,

As many coffee shops will tell you, it's not easy finding a small scale, reliable, local dairy producer. When you find one, you hold on for dear life. At the bakery, we are fortunate to have found Berkeley Farm. The Gosling family are based in Wroughton, Wiltshire, and have been producing Guernsey milk for over a hundred years, now organically. They also supply us with incredible double cream, yoghurt, and more butter than you'd care to know about. In celebration of this exceptional dairy, and in anticipation of a visit from top pastry chef and published author, Anna Higham, we will be making the cult rice pudding recipe from Anna's book, The Last Bite. Said pudding will come in two forms, a 500g tub which should serve around 3 to 4 people, and single serve tubs atop strawberry compote. Anecdotally, rice pudding seems to ignite intense passions, so this could well be worth a preorder. Keep an eye for next week's email, as Anna will be taking over ice cream sandwiches the week she is with us, and there are exciting plans afoot.  Speaking of which, this coming week's flavour is cookie dough, a second chance for those who missed it the first time around. And lastly, we shall also be honouring our dairy, as well as the efforts of Styan Family Produce, through a gooseberry and custard bun, hitting the counter Thursday. 

In other milk-related news, we're excited to bring you the latest cheese from the prolific David Jowett of Kingstone Dairy in Chedworth, Gloucestershire. We have been enjoying Little Rollright, Evenlode and Ashcombe for some time now so we look forward to trying Yarlington, based on the French classic, Reblochon. Yarlington is a reference to the cider apple of the same name, because as well as brine, cider is used to wash the rind of the cheese, the result of a collaboration between David Jowett and renowned cider maker Tom Oliver.

Finally, if you've ever tried the yoghurt we stock from the aforementioned Berkeley Farm and thought, I wish this was thicker and even creamier, then it's time to sample the extraordinary sheep's milk yoghurt from Long Lane Dairy, a one-woman operation in deepest Herefordshire.

Keep it thick and creamy,

Very best wishes,

Kate and Hugo