22 May 2022 I/C/S Season

Good afternoon everyone,

We'll keep this one short and very sweet. Ice cream sandwich season is upon us, with the forecast looking glorious for next weekend. So get ready for the best-sourced cookie dough ice cream of your life, made with organic Guernsey cream, Cacklebean eggs and pieces of our classic choc chip, sandwiched between a rye & Pump Street chocolate brownie. Just something to mull over...

For those looking for something a little lighter, the first of the strawberries came in yesterday and they are already tasting wonderful, so we'll have punnets galore coming in on Saturday.

Lastly, following requests we've started stocking 1 litre bottles of the incredible organic whole milk we use from Berkeley Farm dairy in Wroughton, so that's another one of your essentials you can tick off with us. Bread, milk, eggs, cheese, wine, ice cream...

Very best wishes,

Kate and Hugo