Stonebeck Wensleydale 250g

Stonebeck Wensleydale 250g

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This is what the producers say about their very special cheese:

Stonebeck Raw Wensleydale Cheese

Handcrafted and reared in Nidderdale, Yorkshire.

Stonebeck Wensleydale is a raw milk farmhouse cheese inspired by the heritage of our farm. The milk for our cheese comes from our herd of just fifteen Northern Dairy Shorthorn cows, a rare breed native to the Yorkshire Dales. They graze traditional wildflower meadows and pastureland. The cheese’s taste and texture are an expression of our farm and place: soft and creamy with long, complex and layered flavour. Our cheese is made by hand, pressed and bound in calico before maturing.

Cheese was made on our farm using milk from Northern Dairy Shorthorns up to the mid- 1950s. This historical link has inspired us to base our cheese making on methods from the early 20th century. We used references from 1917 and 1932 together with interviews with a 101-year-old local cheese maker to re-imagine farmhouse Wensleydale. We strive for integrity, authenticity and sustainability. We hope you enjoy our artisan, handmade cheese with ‘terroir’!