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8 May 2022 Bare Bones and Kernels

Good afternoon everyone, One of the great pleasures of running Hamblin is visiting our suppliers. These opportunities have been limited in recent years but in the last few weeks we've been making up for lost time. Over Easter we went to Bare Bones chocolate factory in a converted railway arch in Glasgow and were treated to a full tour and explanation of the bean-to-bar process (with a hot chocolate thrown in). There was also a fair amount of tasting, with their new Philippines bar being a particular highlight - with tasting notes of pecan pie and creme brûlée, it might just be our favourite and is now available to order. This week, our travels took us to Bermondsey and our...

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24 April 2022 Vanilla Rye

Good afternoon everyone, We are heading back into the bakery this week, feeling refreshed and ready to open on Thursday. Look out for the vanilla buns on the sweet counter - a Stockholm classic and one of Kate's favourites. We have just proudly purchased another three tonnes of organic rye grain from Mark and Liz at Green Acres Farm in Shropshire. To celebrate this, we are adding the small rye bread to the online shop. Our Danish style rye bread with toasted barley flakes, linseeds and sunflower seeds has a small but devoted following. For those who haven't tried it yet, we urge you to give the smaller size a go. Enjoy with Kirkham's Lancashire cheese, tasting particularly good at the moment,...

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27 March 2022 Hot Cross Buns and Easter Eggs

Good afternoon everyone, This coming week sees hot cross bun season begin in earnest. Ours are made with heritage wheat flour, Berkeley Farm butter and milk, organic currants and raisins, freshly ground spices and candied peel made in house using unwaxed citrus from La Sovrana.  Some of you may have noticed the beautiful new chocolate bar selection on our shelves. We are really excited to stock Bare Bones, a Glasgow-based bean to bar chocolate company. Their sustainability credentials are impeccable, their products are free of additives including soya lecithin, but most importantly, we think their chocolate is unbelievably delicious. We have a VERY limited number of their milk chocolate Easter Eggs for sale. With a thick shell, and tasting notes of raisin, fudge and double cream,...

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